Attend one of our informational sessions led by qualified educators, with topics ranging from cannabis, to practical health, nutrition, and MUCH more!


Harmonize your mind, body and spirit through physical movement and mindful breathing techniques led by seasoned yogis. You can also enhance your experience with THC and CBD supplementation!

Guided Meditation

Engage in mental exercises that open your mind to a greater sense of self awareness and serenity!

Virtual Reality

Find your escape through various virtual reality games and other mind-bending VR experiences.

Social Enhancement

Exchange cannabis stories and lessons learned in its many forms in the comfort of our relaxing show room.

CBD Juicing & Culinary

The healthy choice that tastes good AND feels good. Enhace your nutrient-packed elixir with a boost of CBD nourishment!

Drone Racing Simulation

Test the limits of your focus and concentration by learning, training, and racing drones on our amateur and professional level VR drone racing courses technology.