Cannabis Edibles

Cannabis Edibles that will surely satisfy various patients needs and are always fresh baked and sealed for preserving quality. Our products are made with high quality organic flower, plenty of love and creativity. They will provide the well needed relief for many different health problems such as Arthritis, Insomnia, and PTSD just to name a few.

Ingesting Cannabis Edibles is probably the most healthy alternative method of cannabis consumption. Cannabis Edibles also last longer and usually are way more potent then other alternatives of cannabis consumption. Patients must be careful to monitor proper dosage intake and start off easy to test tolerance levels.

At the Emeryville East Bay Therapeutics, we are here to provide top notch Cannabis Edibles as well as educate our patient on proper medication dosage. You should always start out with small servings and work your way up to build tolerance.

Feel free to give us a call Today and become a Member of the Emeryville East Bay Therapeutics family. Try a delicious Quality Cannabis Edible and see for yourself!

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